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A normal land male Groph.

Grophs are creatures who inhabit the islands of Grophland. They are the main feature of the site and most things will revolve around them.

Types of Grophs.Edit

There are three different breeds of Groph, Land, Fire and Aqua. Apart from these three breeds, there are a variety of Special Grophs that are very unique from the standard groph.

Obtaining Grophs.Edit

Buying Grophs.Edit

You can purchase a Groph egg from one of the three hatcheries for 1000gg. You can find the Land hatchery in the Grophtown Shops, the Aqua hatchery in the Aquarian Shops and the Fire hatchery in the Texolan Shops.

Alternativley you can purchase a hatched Groph or an egg from a user's shop starting from 500gg and up.

Breeding Grophs.Edit

Breeding your own Grophs is simple and requires one Groph of each gender, the result will be an Egg which will hatch in 48 hours. The time it takes to hatch an egg can be reduced with the purchase of cave upgrades or having one of your Grophs look after your eggs. Breeding Grophs does not require the same species of Groph; you can also crossbreed grophs, meaning Land X Fire, Land X Aqua, and Aqua X Fire. The outcome of the egg's breed is about 50/50.

See more about Breeding Grophs.

Identifying EggsEdit

Grophs are born as eggs and they hatch after two days. The patterns on the egg can tell you what gender the egg is.

A female Land Groph egg can be identified by the cloud patterns on the egg, a male Land Groph has a spotted egg. The colour of the spots on the egg is the colour your Groph is.

A female Aqua Groph egg also has a cloud pattern on it's egg, the males also have spots, just like the Land Groph eggs.

A female Fire Groph egg has a sort of spotted pattern with spots that are close or attached to each other. Male Fire eggs have a pattern with lines that look a little like the female eggs but have sharper lines and resembles fire.

What can I do with my Grophs?Edit

You are able to dress your Grophs in a number of different clothes and outfits, you train them for combat or even send them out to do missions or look after your Garden.

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