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Welcome to the Grophland Wiki! We aim to be the best online resource about Grophland other than what you can find on the official Grophland page itself. Anyone can contribute to the wiki based on what they know about the site. Please be sure to check out this small list of "guidelines" as to what you can add to the wiki. You can view all our pages here.

All artwork and text taken from the Grophland website is used around this wiki with permission. Grophland and Grophs are copyright to David Donachie.

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What is Grophland?Edit

You can read in more depth about what Grophland is on this 'What is Grophland' page. But for now, to sum it up Grophland is a virtual pet website centered around little creatures known to us as Grophs. With a friendly community and extra-helpful moderators and staff who actually get involved with the game you're sure to enjoy your stay. There is something for everyone on Grophland, quests to be completed, puzzles to be solved. With new plots, items, missions and Grophs popping up all the time there is always something going on! Be sure to drop by if you haven't already!

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  • NPCs - We have write ups on the Non-Player Characters around Grophland.
  • Places - Information about the various areas around the Wurld.
  • Quests - Step-by-step walkthroughs to help with the completion of quests. 
  • Recipes - A collabortive effort of recipes used in crafting skills such as alchemy.
  • Games - Guides for some of the many games you can participate in.

If you'd like to contribute to the wiki but aren't sure where to start, check out the article stubs.

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